3 in 1: snowboard, skate and surf in one day

So-called a busy day when you manage to ride on three boards at once – snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing. Of course, this is a very rare and inaccessible pleasure, because many factors must come together here. First of all, geography: in order to visit the mountains and the ocean in one day, you need to find a place where the ski resort is slightly off the coast; ideally less than three hours away. Secondly, it must take shape with the weather: snow is needed in the mountains, and waves on the ocean. With a skate, things are easier – on the way from the mountains to the waves, you can stop in the city and ride through the streets or in a skate park. And, of course, an athlete should be able to ride on all three boards.

In the world there are not so many places where you can implement such an ambitious plan, today we will tell you about five of them.


Those who did well in school can intuitively assume that Chile is the most suitable geographic country for the triple stunt since it is just a narrow land strip between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. Indeed, in the central part of the country, there is the city of Santiago, which is ideal for the implementation of the plan. The nearest ski resort is called La Parva and is only one and a half hours away. Snowboarding in the powder can be closer, but for this, you need a snowmobile. In Santiago itself, there is an excellent skate park, and in the opposite direction from the mountains, at the same one and a half hours away there is an ocean with numerous surf spots along the entire coast – from San Antonio to Algarrobo.


Thredbo Ski Resort, one of the most popular in Australia, is located in the state of New South Wales. More than fifty tracks of different levels of complexity and high-speed lifts operate from July to October, in the winter months of the Southern Hemisphere. The nearest settlement on the Pacific coast is the city of Eden, the road to it takes a little less than three hours. From April to October, surfers ride on the city beach, and in the city, there is a small but good skatepark with bright night lighting.


California is a place where the culture of surfing has reached its peak and started a victorious march around the world, but not everyone knows that there are ski resorts in the northern part of the state. True, they are located not so close to the coast – the road takes a little more than four hours. You can start the day with surfing in San Francisco, where the spot is located right at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge, and then go to the Lake Tahoe Ski resort on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Stopping on a skateboard in the city of Sacramento just dilutes the long road.

New Zealand

New Zealand is located on two islands: North, mostly hilly, and South – with high mountains, two dozen of which exceed a height of 3000 meters. As for surfing, the east coast, open to the Pacific Ocean, is suitable for skiing. The shortest way from the ski resort to the surf spot here is about 40 kilometers and connects Mt Lyford Alpine Resort and the beach of Kaikoura. Riding a skateboard is possible within the city, but downhill is much more popular here – riding longboard on highways and serpentine; Once a year in the suburb of Kaikoura, the Kaikoura Longboard Festival is held – one of the largest festivals in the country.


Although there have not been documented precedents yet, theoretically it is possible to carry out the plan for triple skating in one day without even going abroad. Despite the fact that the Black Sea is not an ocean at all, the wind waves here, although rarely, happen. The road from Khosta Rik’s surf spot to Krasnaya Polyana takes no more than an hour and a half, and as for the board with wheels, there are several skate parks in Sochi, the newest of them is less than a year old. In addition, the longboarding movement is actively developing here and training camps are held with the best Russian riders.

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