Beauties of the Red Sea: the top 5 paradises for diving

Blue hole

The blue hole in Ahab (Egypt) is a circular dip more than 100 meters deep, formed in a coral reef. The diameter of the Blue Hole is about 50 meters, it is located very close to the coast.The path to it, which takes no more than 30 minutes, runs along a picturesque sheer wall with faults, generously decorated with a variety of underwater plants. In the immediate vicinity of the entrance to the hole, the wall changes the slope; here tunas are often found — the main commercial fish of the Red Sea and predatory barracudas. Inside, the Blue Hole consists of different types of corals: the processes of some of them resemble tentacles, other species form a huge undulating coating, called elephant skin.

From the Blue Hole, you can get into the open sea in two ways: through a thick coral garden growing at a depth of 7 meters, or emerging from a huge arch at a depth of 55 meters. And the one and the other way, according to experienced divers, leaves an indelible impression. Despite the fact that the road to the place of immersion in the Blue Hole is surrounded by signs with the names of divers who have not returned from it, the failure remains one of the most popular places for holding competitions of divers.

The Blue Hole is located about 15 kilometers from the quiet resort town of Ahab, and you can reach it by bus, rented car or taxi.

Reef Thomas.

Reef Thomas, located near the Egyptian Sharm el-Sheikh, will delight the diver not only with multicolored corals, encounters with turtles, hoops and cranks. The most interesting begins at the mark below 35 meters: here is a crack, which goes to a depth of 109 meters — the Tomasovsky Canyon. Its width does not exceed 3 meters, and with depth it becomes only narrower, therefore for inexperienced divers, such a dive is not always pleasant. The canyon has 4 arches: at a depth of 50, 65, 75 and 90 meters. Passing each of them and looking up from the water column, you will witness an extraordinary glow created by the sunlight concentrated on the reef rift.

You can get to the reef from Sharm el-Sheikh on a safari boat or a day boat.

Dahlag Archipelago.

Eritrea even at the height of the season, divers are not yet teeming, so the underwater world of the Red Sea on its shores is virgin flora and fauna, the most ancient reefs of the Red Sea, majestic whales and sunken ships. The Dallas Archipelago is the national park of Eritrea, and only 4 of its 200 islands are inhabited by humans, not seabirds. Immersed in the sea not far from Dohul Island, part of the archipelago, you can monitor the life of dugouts and green turtles, sharks, watch for starfish and hedgehogs. In the waters of the northern part of the island of Dissay there are gardens of hard and soft corals, which provide shelter for ramps, barracudas, reef sharks and turtles. The shallow depth of diving near the islands of the Dakhlak archipelago makes it possible to go diving not only during the day but also at night.

Paradise reef.

Located in Eilat (Israel) Paradise reef — one of the rare places where diving is carried out directly from the shore. In shallow water, it’s impossible not to admire the 150-meter ridge of living corporal corals, and if you dive a little deeper, you will have the opportunity to meet with toad fish, ribbon fish and sea perch living in the sea lilies, hydro ids and anemones growing here. At a depth of just over 25 meters, the reef ends abruptly, the seabed with its mysterious inhabitants: ghost fish, needle fish, starfish, opens to the gaze.

Reef Japanese Gardens — Aqaba, Jordan.

The Reef Japanese Gardens ( Jordan) also has a comfortable place to dive — this can be done directly in front of the hotel. The main attraction of the reef is black coral bushes resembling trees, so the reef got its name. Corals grow at a depth of 5 to 20 meters, so diving under the water and enjoying the contemplation of its many inhabitants — turtles, octopuses, dolphins, crabs, stacks of colorful fish — can a diver of any level of training.

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