Bungee jump into the crater of a volcano, Diabolical pool and surfing on hot ash: extreme for the most daring

1. Bungee jump into the crater of the volcano Villarrica, Chile

Villar volcano is located in a national park in southern Chile. This is one of the most active volcanoes in the country, the last time it erupted in the spring of 2015. Villarrica is very popular with tourists – in the summer they lead there on excursions on the slopes covered with petrified lava, in the winter they go skiing. Thrill-seekers are offered to jump on a bungee from a helicopter into the mouth of a volcano, having previously signed a document confirming that in case of death the organizers are not responsible for this.

2. Death Path on Mount Huashan, China

At 120 kilometres from the city of Xi’an, on one of the five peaks of Mount Huashan is the famous Taoist monastery. Although the funicular is working on the mountain, pilgrims consider it necessary to walk on all five peaks of the mountain and meet the sunrise in the monastery. The northern and southern peaks of the mountain are connected by a narrow wooden path over an abyss without railings and fences. You can move along it only by clinging to the rock and holding on to the chains. For the last ten years, after the route became popular with Western tourists, everyone has been given a cable with a carbine, and before that, about 100 people had fallen into the abyss every year.

3. Devil’s Pool, Zimbabwe

In South Africa, on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, there is a beautiful Victoria Falls at a height of 120 meters. At the top of the waterfall, near the cliff, there is a small pool formed by the flow of the Zambezi River, in which you can swim and watch the waterfall down. Despite the fact that the guides accompany the swimmers, every year about 10 people fall out of the pool into the waterfall and die.

4. Surfing on the slopes of the volcano Sierra Negra, Nicaragua

On the slopes of the Sierra Negra volcano, a new kind of extreme tourism has emerged – surfing volcanic ash. For $ 30, all comers are taken to the top by a helicopter, they are given a board, protective overalls, glasses and a walkie-talkie. The purpose of the trip – standing or sitting on a board to go down a steep sandy slope covered with ash. During the descent, you can burn yourself with hot sand, breathe in toxic gases or crash into the rock at a speed of 80 km / h, which the board develops.

5. The road of death in Bolivia

This old highway in the province of Yungas runs along a steep cliff above the Amazonian forests and is considered the most dangerous in the world. Only 20 kilometres of road is covered with asphalt, the remaining 50 are rubble, mud and clay. The road is narrow, slippery, often due to fogs, visibility is limited to a couple of meters, and during tropical rains there are landslides. Every year, about 25 cars fall into the abyss, in which 150-200 passengers die. Despite these terrible conditions, tourists from all over the world come to conquer the Road of Death, and the most courageous do it on a bicycle.

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