Do not pass by: 8 bridges, on which you want to walk

But if you think about it, there is something romantic and elevated in the bridges, because they connect the separated banks, connect the points that are separated by nature. This is especially true of pedestrian bridges because during a leisurely walk you can properly consider the details and the view. Today we will tell you about eight bridges, on which I really want to take a walk.

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver, Canada

It is unlikely that at least someone will be able to contain the excitement during a walk on a narrow suspension bridge, stretched 70 meters above the mountain river Capilano. Its length is 137 meters, and in this forest, 15 km from the center of Vancouver, it appeared thanks to a Scottish civil engineer who decided to live across the river and threw a bridge from hemp rope and planks to his house.

High Line Bridge, New York, USA

This bridge was built back in 1930 as a platform for a freight train, and in 2009 it was rediscovered as a “hanging park”. A long walking path starts from Gansevoort Street on 30th Street, winds between buildings and ends at 34th Street. The bridge offers a beautiful view of the city, and there is something to see on it, starting from grass-covered railroad tracks and right up to strange installations of modern art.

Te Reva Reva, New Plymouth, New Zealand

This bridge over the Vaihakaiho River was opened in 2010 to make it easier for surfers and fishermen to reach the North Bank. Outwardly, it simultaneously resembles a wave and a huge white whale skeleton, but the most important thing is its location. The bridge is designed so that during a walk along with it the white arches perfectly framed the Taranaki volcano on the horizon.

Heavenly Bridge Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

This closed bridge does not lead anywhere, so it can be perceived rather as a viewing platform, but this fact does not detract from the impression of the walk. A large loop goes around the mountain at an altitude of 700 meters, revealing a panoramic view of the Andaman Sea. The construction is also interesting – the bridge is supported by cables attached to an inclined beam sticking out of the mountain like a building crane.

Royal Path, Malaga, Spain

A pedestrian bridge 100 meters above the Guadalhorse River connects the two sides of the El Chorro rocky gorge. To get to him, you have to tickle your nerves, because the 1-meter-wide footpath goes at an impressive height along a cliff. Initially, the road was made for the dam builders, but during the opening ceremony, the king himself walked through it, from which the name of this place appeared.

Glass bridge in the park Shinuyzai, Hunan, China

The bridge in the National Geological Park Shinyuzaj spread over the gorge at an altitude of 180 meters. It offers a stunning panoramic view, but most pedestrians look solely at their feet, and all because the bridge is completely made of extremely durable glass. To enter it you will have to put on shoe covers, but this allows you to keep the glass as transparent as possible.

Ubein, Amarapura, Myanmar

The longest wooden bridge in the world is made of teak columns left over from the old royal palace in Ava. A 1.2 km long road connects the city of Amarapur with a small village on the other side of Lake Taunton. The bridge was erected in the second half of the XIX century, the whole structure stands on 1086 logs, but the wooden pillars are gradually replaced with concrete due to the fact that the tree begins to rot over time.

Suspension bridge Ai-Petri, Crimea, Russia

Walking through the two spans of this suspension bridge will surely make the heart go to the heels. Wooden boards are laid not close, but with serious gaps through which a rocky gorge 50 meters underfoot is clearly visible! True, the bridge is allowed only with two safety carabiners, but you still will not want to let go of the rope of the handrails. In addition to the thrill, it is worth going to the bridge for the sake of a panoramic view, the height is 1200 meters above sea level.

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