For those who love speed: tracks where you can squeeze gas to the floor

And while some go on road trips to admire the picturesque landscapes, others take the opportunity to satisfy their passion for racing, drive straight ahead, like an arrow, a track, and vtopit what has strength. Today we want to tell you about the roads, where to do it is fun and relatively safe. Fasten seat belts!

Ruta 40 (Ruta 40), Argentina

Route 40 stretches along the entire western border of Argentina – it is one of the longest highways in the world, it connects 20 national parks, crosses 18 major rivers and 27 times bends around the broad arches of the Andes mountain ranges. Its straight sections literally run into the horizon, and an endless desert stretches to the right and left. Over 5000 kilometers, the landscape around the track changes several times, in the north the road passes at an altitude of 5 kilometers above sea level, and in the south it rests against the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, but the main thing is that it has long deserted areas with minimal traffic – ideal to disperse cars to maximum.

Garden Route, South Africa

The road just 200 kilometers long did not accidentally get its name – the variety of scenic landscapes through which it passes is simply immense. On the one side of the highway, the mountains of Tsitsikamm rise, and on the other stretches the Indian Ocean. The route goes around crystal lakes and runs along a dense forest, approaching deserted beaches and the incredible beauty of the lagoons; the view outside the car window changes dramatically every 20 kilometers. Do not be afraid of the word Africa, the climate in this area ranks second in the world after Hawaii for softness and comfort.

Sneefell Mountain Road, Fr. Maine

Relatively short, only 24 kilometers, the road between the two largest cities of the island is actually part of a large racing circle, so it sometimes closes for the duration of speed competitions on motorcycles. In general, this alone speaks about the quality of the road surface and the geometry. Due to the fact that the route passes through an elevation deep in the island, it is much less windy here than on a backup road along the coast, which in turn allows you to safely accelerate to high speeds. In general, the Isle of Man, famous for the lack of speed limits on the roads, is the best place to check what your car is capable of.

Golden Ring Yukon (Yukon Golden Circle), Canada

The ring with a length of 783 kilometers passes through a very small number of settlements, the largest of which is Whitehorse, from which it is worth starting the trip. Meetings with other motorists will be quite rare, but throughout the entire route you will observe majestic snow-capped mountains and impassable coniferous forests. On average, a full circle is overcome in 10 hours, but you can try to set a personal best.

Nürburg Ring, Germany

One of the most famous motorcycle racing complexes in the world when free from speed runs works like a normal toll highway, so any lucky winner of € 24 can easily try himself as a racer. We only want to advise you to leave the games in Schumacher for a straight stretch, as the series of 154 corners following him repeatedly upset even very experienced drivers.

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